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Winter Break: Two Reasons Why It Was Awesome!

Me, the day before winter break:


Me, the night before the first day of school after winter break



Winter Break To-Do and To-Don’t List

All kidding aside, this was an awesome winter break! (I am still planning on getting the strongest Starbucks coffee I can for the first day back.) I did what I hoped to accomplish. Best of all, there were times when I did nothing.

That’s right, nothing at all! In the past, I put so much pressure on having a wonderful winter break. A winter break that I could talk about when I returned to school. Now that I am in my 22nd year of teaching, I just want to relax on my break. I just want to do things for me. 

I had a to-do list of activities and “chores” that I wanted to accomplish before the break ended. Like most of my teacher colleagues, we save certain chores until our breaks. Not because we want to, but because we had very little time during the year.

My "Yoga Pose" for most of my winter vacation.
My “Yoga Pose” for most of my winter vacation. (

With my task list set up on my Google calendar (App alert: Calendars by Readdle), I entered the week with positive hopes. I scheduled tasks on each day: washing clothes, Thank you cards for gifts, cleaning the attic after roof replacement (heads up, the debris has to fall somewhere), and filing papers.

I have accomplished some but not all of these tasks. Some are better than none. However, I have spent most of my time enjoying unscheduled moments. 


So, now I can tell you why this break was awesome


Reason #1: I accomplished the personal goals that I scheduled for myself within reason. Why did this work? It worked because I did what I could on that day. If I didn’t, I moved it to the next day. If some things are not accomplished by Sunday at 6 pm, then there is always next weekend. I cannot beat myself up for completing some of the tasks. 

My Point: As teachers, we spend so much time scheduling and planning in our work life. When there is vacation time during the year, we forget to leave the schedule at school. Anything we accomplish including spending time with our families should be a win

Reason #2: I was able to do nothing without feeling guilty. When I say “nothing” I mean unscheduled activities. That means I was able to read during the day, I was able to catch up on my NFL Gamepass (still love my Jets), and joining my parents for an impromptu lunch. 

My Point: When you allow yourself to do nothing that means you are are truly relaxing. That is the best type of teacher self-care you could do. I am not looking forward to vacation ending. However, I am refreshed and ready to greet the students on our first day back. I may not have said that in years past. That is why I felt I had to share. 

I should also add, that vacation breaks mean eating when you want (slowly and sitting down) and…going to the bathroom when you need to go. (It would not be vacation if I did not throw in those two joyful events.) That was a huge bonus. 


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