Why It’s Taken 24 Years For Me to Relax on a Sunday

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I have finally found the balance between life and work on Sundays. It’s taken me 24 years to finally use my Sunday for “Me Time.” That’s right! I took the entire day to focus on non-school related activities and relax at home.
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It’s taken 24 years of teaching for me to use my Sundays properly. Since I started teaching in 1993, my Sunday afternoons and evenings were spent correcting papers and writing lesson plans. I’ve worked as a Basic Skills Teacher for the last five years. You would think I’d have less paperwork. Not even close! I actually have more paperwork (assessments) and lesson plans for multiple students and classes. In spite of that, I was very thrilled about today. 

I sat at my computer for three hours learning about flexbox and HTML5. The sounds from the Chelsea FC/Liverpool FC match were playing in the background. So, why did it take me so long to enjoy my Sundays? 

Well, I was an “Over-Achiever Teacher.” Many of us are these teachers throughout our career. First of all, I don’t regret the time and effort I put into my teaching over the years. I had many wonderful experiences with my students. The looks on their faces and their enjoyment in school made all of the weekend projects worthwhile. However, I have realized that I worked harder (300% extra) instead of smarter. I waited until the weekend to finish my work when I could have organized my time more efficiently during the week. (That’s weekends over the 24 years.) 

So, that’s my message to new and current teachers: make the time during your week for your school work. Save you Sunday for you and your family. Before you know it, 24 years will pass by, and you will realize all of the relaxing Sundays you missed. 


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