Addimal App

Who Else Loves the Addimal Adventure App?

During my years as a classroom teacher, I used every opportunity to integrate technology into my classroom. Before IPads and Google Tablets, there was Appleworks, ClarisWorks, and early versions of Microsoft Office. I was able to create Tile Posters and templates as a way for my students to use computers more often. We were fortunate in my district: we had at least 3 to 4 computers per class in grades 3 to 5. Unfortunately, our first and second grades were not as well equipped at the time. They usually received the “hand-me-down” computers that came off-lease when the upper-grade classes received new computers.

Enter the IPadMy goal was to discover IPad Apps that I could use to enhance my teaching and reinforce important language arts and math skills. I had to accomplish this goal during my 30-minute pull-out sessions. One app that my students loved was Addimal Adventure! The app was created by Teachley.

Addimal App adimal-img2 adimal-img4adimal-img3

What was great about this App is that my students practiced their basic facts as they helped Captain Memo and the Addimals restore the golden city of El Sumado and save the world. The game uses models to help teach addition strategies. Teachers can also sign up for a free Teachley account to monitor their students progress. The App is also free! Definitely download this App for your classroom and for your kids at home!

First Published October 18, 2014