DIY Minion Back to School Hallway Gallery: Part 2

“Since you are taking down a few posters, why not take all of them down? We will put them somewhere else in the school.” He reasoned that putting them in another location, would make the posters noticeable again. Little did I know, my small minion art project … Read More

Article Review: 5 Steps to Help Kids Resolve Conflicts

I was just talking with a teacher colleague today (after her daughter’s tutoring session) about how kids today have very little experience with settling conflicts on their own. So, this article was right on time. The poster below comes from the article, “5 Steps … Read More

Updating an Old Favorite: Sunsational Desk Tags

Now that my summer vacation has officially started, I decided to update one of the first products I created when I started my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I had an idea for Back to School desk tags for my fourth-grade students. I figured I could … Read More

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