Moving Beyond Traditional Summer Packets, Part 2

I personally believe that traditional summer packets are important to help students practice basic skills. However, I do believe that we need to add more options for students to explore other areas of the curriculum, so they can improve their critical thinking skills.

Sesame Street: People You Won’t Meet in the Neighborhood (Anymore)

Didn’t we all warn you HBO would wreck this? Sesame Street’ Lets Go Longtime Cast Members Bob, Gordon and Luis — snipy (@snipy) July 28, 2016 The New Sesame Street I read this tweet today, and it broke my heart. Sesame Street was one … Read More

A Teacher’s Best Friend: Editable Classroom and Computer Signs!

Hi, teacher colleagues! I hope you’re enjoying your summer vacation. My summer has been relaxing so far with a few fun activities.  In between tutoring and writing, I still have some time for “grown-up fun” (including a jet ski tour of NYC). However, a teacher’s … Read More

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