Why You Should Use Themed Summer Reading Lists

Picture a warm summer day. The sun is shining brightly as the clouds drift across the ocean blue sky. A warm gentle breeze is threading itself through the trees and the screens of your back porch. You found the most comfortable chair, the one … Read More

Moving Beyond Traditional Summer Packets, Part 2

I personally believe that traditional summer packets are important to help students practice basic skills. However, I do believe that we need to add more options for students to explore other areas of the curriculum, so they can improve their critical thinking skills.

Nelson and Tameka: New Books by Ronnie Sidney, II

Hello, teacher colleagues. I saw this post on Facebook and thought I should share it with you. Nelson and Tameka are the creation of Ronnie Sidney, II MSW. Sidney used his experience as a student in special education to create inspiring characters. You should definitely … Read More