Activity Share: Short E Elephant Words

I use the Fundations® Program with my first-grade Basic Skills students. We follow an organized lesson plan with specific daily activities. However, there are days when I want to do a fun creative activity to tie into our lesson. That’s why after we finished … Read More

Phonics Fun: White Owl Puppets

This summer while tutoring a first grader in Fundations, I decided to make white owl puppets. I knew the lesson would not be the same without a mama owl and a baby owl. It took me one day to design the owls and to make … Read More

Why You Should Use Logos for Word Sort Activities

Early encounters with environmental print, words, and other graphic symbols found in children’s surroundings are among their first concrete exposures to written language (Goodman, 1986; McGee & Richgels, 2000; Teale, 1986)…As a result, children typically read print from their environment before reading print in … Read More