Prize Box Heaven: Party City

The last time I used a Prize Box for rewards was in my 2nd grade classroom four years ago. However, I had to revisit this management tool this year for my first-grade Basic Skills classes.  Prize Box as Crowd Control I started the school year with 19 … Read More

Who Knew…

…That when my first graders went home on Friday, they would come back today, Monday 2/6/17, as if we were in the second week of September.  I know it was Super Bowl weekend but I really?  #LivingInTheLandOfFirstGrade

First Grade Writing, Part One: Using Prompts

Hi, teacher colleagues. It has been awhile since I have posted. January 3rd came and the next thing I knew, January was done. As the end of February approaches, I have had time to reflect on the activities I have completed with my students. Although … Read More

Number Sentence Sorts: Easy Addition Math Center

Are you looking for an easy math center for your first and second graders? I am always looking for fun games to help my students with their basic addition facts. Flashcards are a great resource for memorization. Sorting activities are another way to help … Read More

Teachers and Self-Care: Can You Make the Pledge?

As I sat looking at the chart of different joints in the human body, one phrase kept running through my mind like a Times Square ticker tape: “But we still won!” These were the words a fourth-grader exclaimed in the middle of my story … Read More

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