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Classroom Resources just in time for your spring projects!

It’s a Beautiful Day…

It’s a beautiful day outside, and I’m spending it working on… Report Cards. Sigh… Wishing all my teacher colleagues a relaxing weekend (even if you have report cards)! ??

Word Sorts of All Sorts!

phonics cover with bee saying long vowels o and u

We’re moving into the middle of the year! Our students are becoming more independent and excited about learning. Now is the time when I introduce more of my Word Sort activities to my students. I love to use my short vowel Word Sort Journals as a review. We use Fundations in our first-grade, so this is a quick activity they can do independently.  It’s also an easy activity for me to leave with my Basic Skills students. 

So, stop by my Chalkspot Teacher Store to find great activities for  your literacy centers. 

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PSA: Blackface Is NEVER Acceptable

Enough of racism and enough of blackface

As a 25-year Black educator in an affluent district, I feel the need to share this Public Service Announcement (PSA) about wearing Blackface as part of a costume. I have to do it for the Black students and Black teachers who may be in the minority at their school. (I’m one of 4 at 7 elementary schools.) All it takes is one White teacher to show up in Blackface to change the tone of the day. For example…

Every year in the weeks leading up to Halloween, we have the same discussion about wearing Blackface as part of a costume. Yet, there’s always a few who choose to ignore it.

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