Editable End of the Year Awards

I wanted to do something different this year for my Basic Skills students. At the end of the year, we give the students a report card and the phrase, “Have a great summer!” This will be the first year that I am giving my … Read More

Teachers and Self-Care: Can You Make the Pledge?

As I sat looking at the chart of different joints in the human body, one phrase kept running through my mind like a Times Square ticker tape: “But we still won!” These were the words a fourth-grader exclaimed in the middle of my story … Read More

Freestanding Newspaper Doorways: Awesome Team Building Activity!

Newspapers are wonderful resources for the classroom.  I have used them with my students to analyze the articles during current events and reading instruction. I have even used newspapers for papier-mâché when we made our rainforest animals. One of my most memorable activities involved using newspapers to make … Read More

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