Education Quote: Teaching is a beautiful job…

Teaching is a beautiful job; as it allows you to see the growth day by day of people entrusted to your care. It is a little like being parents, at least spiritually. It is a great responsibility. Pope Francis The Art of Teaching As … Read More

Education Quote: The Best Teachers Are Those Who Show…

The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see. Alexandra K. Trenfor Education Quote to Start the School Year When I saw this education quote, I had to share. It eloquently stated how I always viewed … Read More

Summer Vacation vs Year-Round School: Is Play The Answer?

As I see it, the debate between summer vacation vs year-round school glosses over the most important questions. Namely, how can we bring play back to our nation’s schools? Darell Hammond, Summer Vacation vs Year-Round School Debate Could adding more play to the … Read More

Teacher Self-Care: Lesson Learned

Much of your strength as a woman can come from the resolve to replenish and fill your own well and essence first, before taking care of others. Miranda J. Barrett, A Woman’s Truth: A Life Truly Worth Living I added a big event to … Read More