A Teacher’s Best Friend: Editable Classroom and Computer Signs!

Hi, teacher colleagues! I hope you’re enjoying your summer vacation. My summer has been relaxing so far with a few fun activities.  In between tutoring and writing, I still have some time for “grown-up fun” (including a jet ski tour of NYC). However, a teacher’s … Read More

True Diversity: When Teachers Celebrate Differences

“She had a little bun on the top of her head. The other teacher and I both put our hair in buns on the top of our heads saying it was the ‘Sasha bun’” Source: This Teacher Celebrates her Student’s Natural Hair in a … Read More

(Video) Morning Meetings: Responsive Classroom Model

Aren’t Morning Meetings Just Like Carpet Time? I first heard about morning meetings during one of our staff meetings last year. Our principal had suggested using this technique as part of our daily classroom routines. The first thought was that my colleagues were already meeting on … Read More

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