ReBlog: Teachers with Characters

Teachers with Characters — Read on The teachers you remember most are the ones who were caring and connected with their students. When I think about teachers with character, I think about my former teachers who cared and connected with me. I … Read More

ReBlog: Strategies for Supporting Counting & Cardinality Skills

Primary students need to have strong counting and number sense skills to continue mastering important math skills as they get older. This is why I encourage parents of new first graders to focus on counting skills during the summer and throughout the school year.

ReBlog: NonStereotypical Characters & Diversity in Children’s Books

We’ve been talking about diversity in children’s books for the last 20+ years. Yet, we haven’t moved past the “talking stage.” When I began working towards my teacher certification at Kean University Graduate School, “multiculturalism” was the big topic and buzz-word. I can remember … Read More

Reading Readiness Has To Do With The Body | Laura Grace Weldon

This is a very good article from Laura Grace Weldon. It was published in August 2012, but it still relates to our students today. Playing and moving are a part of the learning process. Our students play and move less today, than we did … Read More

Teacher Evaluation Scores: Should Parents Have Access?

The debate surrounding teacher privacy, transparency and student test scores reemerged recently when a parent in Loudon County, VA, filed a lawsuit against state officials requesting the release of the state’s teacher evaluation data. Jasmine Song and Tim Walker Just as Teacher Appreciation Week was … Read More

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