Monthly Reading Logs


Grades: 1, 2, 3, Homeschool

Common Core: 1.3, 1.5. 1.9, 2.5

Monthly reading logs with an extra kick! These reading logs include areas for responding to literature. 


Chalkspot Monthly Reading Book Logs
Reading at home is an integral part of the School/Home Learning Connection. Reading logs are an easy way to make sure your students are practicing their reading at home. As a second grade teacher, I wanted something different from the usual weekly reading logs. I decided to use monthly reading logs with an extra kick! Introducing my Chalkspot Monthly Reading Logs!

I knew my students would be able to read at the least five good books during the month. They could read more, but I wanted to know about the five books they enjoyed that were their favorites. I also decided that instead of just signing the book log, I wanted the students to reflect on what they had read. Now I am sharing my Monthly Book Club Logs with you.

Each month focuses on a different aspect of the books they are reading:

  • Favorite Book;
  • Favorite Character;
  • Favorite Setting;
  • Favorite Nonfiction Book/Article;
  • Story Problem & Solution;
  • Comparing Characters;
  • Comparing Books;
  • Comparing Setting.

I have also included an extra Comparison Sheet. This product includes 15 pages that your can use to extend your balanced literacy instruction beyond the classroom.

Character Graphics by A Little Peace of
Africa, Laine Sutherland
A Little Peace of Africa

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