Halloween Persuasive Writing: Ugly Pumpkin Patch


Subjects: English, Language Arts, Writing, Halloween

Grade Level: 1, 2, 3, 4, Homeschool

CCCS: W.1.1, W.2.1, W.3.1, W.4.1

Pages: 29

A fun persuasive writing activity to help pumpkins stay safe during Halloween! 


What if pumpkins did not like Halloween? What if they truly wanted to be left alone? I had this discussion with my second graders one day.
The result was a great activity that combined art and persuasive letter writing. Spyderley’s Pumpkin Patch was born! My students loved making their pumpkins extremely ugly so that customers would not take them home. Spiders, oozing, worms, and things I never heard of, lived in these pumpkins! My students enjoyed having their pumpkins as a visual to help them write their persuasive letters. I used this project as a culminating activity after our letter writing unit (focusing on how to persuade customers of their opinion).
My package includes:
Teacher Companion Book: Student paper for sketching pumpkin and describing the appearance of their pumpkin; draft letter paper with primary and intermediate lines; rubrics (CCCS aligned) for grades 1-3, and a blank rubric. 11 pages
Portrait Orientation Letter Paper: Primary and intermediate lines. 6 pages
Landscape Orientation Paper: Primary and intermediate lines. 6 pages
Bulletin Board Banner: Two-page banner and decorations. 6 pages
This activity can easily fit into the Common Core Content Standards for writing. I hope your students enjoy this activity as much as my students have over the years.
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