Editable Blue Denim Bundle: Desk Tag, Labels, & Computer Sign


Grades: Pre-K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Pages: 38+

Editable Desk Tag, Labels, & Computer Sign Bundle (Blue Denim)


What a great way to brighten your classroom than using Editable Signs with a blue denim background. This package includes:

  • Power Point (2010) with 10 slides: 5 slides with bracket design and 5 slides with rounded rectangle design;
  • Access to add your own text and clip art.
  • Directions on how to save individual slides as pictures to add to your computer desktop.

Editable Desk Tag: Denim
This simple desk tag (Power Point 2010, 12 pages) is great for all elementary grade levels. You can use the desk tags to label names, bathroom passes, or center titles. The tags are printed two to a page and include a text box to add your students’ names or other writing. You can print on card stock and laminate.

Editable Label Pack: Denim
This pack has two files: one saved as a PDF and one saved as a PowerPoint 2010. It is great for all elementary grade levels. You can use the labels around your classroom. Both files have 8 pages. That is a total of 64 labels.

The editable labels are saved as a PowerPoint 2010 file. They can be printed on Avery or another brand full page label sheet. Each label includes a text box with a white background.

The PDF file is available for you to print out for handwriting your labels. You could even print out the file on cardstock, cut, laminate, and use as signs. The files should be printed without fitting the image to the page.

Please remember that this file is for personal and classroom use only. The backgrounds may not be used for commercial use. Thank you.

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