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Disguise A Turkey: Thanksgiving Writing Project


Common Core StandardsW.2.1, W.3.1, W.4.1, W.5.1

Grades: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

Pages: 9


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This was one of my favorite activities to do with my students each year. Our goal was to design turkey costumes to save them from Thanksgiving. 

Each student is a “costume designer,” and they must come up with a costume that will be the perfect disguise. The final design includes their turkey in a clever costume and a “Customer Testimonial!” This is a great activity for writing persuasive letters to human customers.

The package includes 9 pages

  • Student project description sheets;
  • Student idea sheet;
  • Rubrics for the project and the persuasive letter, and;
  • Templates for the persuasive letter.

Your students will love Saving The Turkeys One Costume at a Time!

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