Character Traits Reading Journal (CCSS Aligned)


Grades: 1, 2, Homeschool

Subjects: English Language Arts, Reading, Close Reading

CCSS: R.L.1.7, R.L.1.9, R.L.2.6, R.L.2.7

Pages: 15



My Character Traits Reading Journal is meant to help you introduce reading response to your first and second-grade readers. I found that with my second-grade students, it was more effective to make individual journals for each unit of study in Reader’s Workshop. It allowed me to teach my students how to respond to literature, without worrying about labeling notebooks ahead of time. I also found this journal a valuable resource for helping my students understand character traits. 

The booklet includes:

  • Journal cover;
  • Four charts with words to describe inside and outside traits;
  • Six character description guided practice sheets, including a sheet for your student to describe themselves as a character;
  • Four journal pages that can be used with any book your students are reading.

These last four pages can be copied multiple times depending the amount of books and characters you want your students to analyze. I hope you will find this journal a useful addition to your Reader’s Workshop curriculum.

Character Graphics by A Little Peace of Africa, Laine Sutherland

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Character Traits: Chalkspot Reading Journal by Trista Lanette Pollard, NBCT is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


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