Small toy aisle at Party City with items to use for the Prize Box

Prize Box Heaven: Party City

The last time I used a Prize Box for rewards was in my 2nd grade classroom four years ago. However, I had to revisit this management tool this year for my first-grade Basic Skills classes. 

Prize Box as Crowd Control

I started the school year with 19 first-grade reading students. My group sizes ranged from 7 to 10 students each by the time we reached January. That’s when I started my prize box system. I tried a few Dollar stores that were nearby. However, they didn’t have a very good selection of toys. That’s when I decided to try Party City®. 


I’m glad I stopped by the store. They had a better selection of toys in multi-packs. The prices were also reasonable (necessary for my budget). My students also liked the selection (especially the Mini Rubik’s Cubes and puzzle erasers). The toys were also made well and sturdy enough for small hands. 

So, if you need prize box toys and have a Party City near you, definitely stop by the store.