PARCC: A Little Stress with Your Test


If paper and pencil standardized tests cause stress in teachers, then computerized versions take stress to a higher level! We have to teach 8-year-olds how to Drag and Drop, Scroll, Click, and Highlight before they have even read the actual question.

People who do not teach children say, “Kids today know more about technology than most adults.” That might be true. However, that doesn’t mean you test out those skills during a standardized test. That is a huge part of the stress that I have when giving this test. There is also the amount of time away from actual teaching.

rp_i4g3i.jpgSo, I dedicate this image to all of my teacher colleagues living with PARCC and other standardized testing tools. We can do this!

I started yoga to help with the stress. I have also tried to put this experience in perspective. In another few years, PARCC may be a distant memory. 


How do you relieve stress during the standardized testing season?