Why Mt. Multiplis App Beats Math Flash Card Apps

Linka speaks and multiplication warriors should listen! Mt. Multiplis gives you the power to move beyond multiplication flash cards. It is resource you need to help your students use the properties of multiplication to solve problems.  Trista Lanette Pollard, NBCT

One of my favorite Ipad App creators has developed a multiplication game that goes beyond flash cards. I am old school, and I believe that flash cards still have a place in helping students with certain learning styles master their basic facts. However, to master the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), students need more than the reliable flash cards. Mt. Multiplis by Teachley takes learning basic multiplication facts one step further.

There are many educational Ipad apps in the tablet universe. Most apps provide repetitive exposure to basic math facts through flash cards and memory-based games. Mt. Multiplis uses the properties of multiplication to help students embrace strategies for problem-solving. Once you enter the parent/teacher section of Mt. Multiplis, you will find a listing of the standards and an explanation of how students will solve multiplication problems. You can also reset the games and turn the music on or off.

Step into the World of Mt. Multiplis

Similar to Addimals, Mt. Multiplis starts with a story. Linka, who is from the land of El Sabado, is returning home from a successful adventure when she encounters a storm. Unfortunately, the storm destroys her plane leaving her stranded on a mysterious island. The only way to rebuild her plane is to give the Crags gold for the parts she needs. Linka, along with Pike, must solve multiplication problems to build bridges to get across the island.




Students help Linka to solve the problems by dragging planks over the area designated for the bridge. They use the distributive property to solve the problem. For example, for the problem 7 * 8, they would first drag over five planks of eight which is 8 * 5 = 40. Then they would drag over two planks of eight to solve 8 * 2 = 16. Once they add 40 + 16, they will get the answer for 8 * 7 which equals 56.

As the students solve each multiplication problem, they have to choose the range for the answer using a number line. After they have chosen their range, they use another number line to choose the exact answer. The students are actually solving an area model.


Before the students and Linka can move forward in their journey, the students can look at their work to reflect on their problem solving. Teachley even makes sure you still get fact practice with their “treasure chest.” Students can get extra gold coins by answering timed multiplication facts. Finally, you can set up a teacher account on Teachley.com so that you can monitor your students’ progress.

Although it is not as fast-paced as Addimals, Mt. Multiplis  gives your students and children the common core problem-solving practice they need. The best part is that the app is free! Stop by Teachley.com soon to start your adventure with Linka and Pike!

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