mama and baby white owl puppets on craft sticks

Phonics Fun: White Owl Puppets

mama and baby white owl puppets on craft sticks
Mama and baby white owls to use during phonics activities.
This summer while tutoring a first grader in Fundations, I decided to make white owl puppets. I knew the lesson would not be the same without a mama owl and a baby owl. It took me one day to design the owls and to make my samples. I think the “googly” eyes add a nice touch. My owls are also kid-approved

I made them with my first-grade reading students two weeks ago during our first reading session. They liked having the baby owls on both sides of the craft stick. I also added thin circle magnets to one side of the popsicle stick. Now the baby owls could live on my students’ refrigerators away from younger siblings and playful pets. One of my students told me that they use their puppet at home during homework. Success!

You can find the pattern at my store, I hope you kids enjoy using them just as much as my students do!