The Human Side of Teaching: Hard-To-Like Students

A great article on how to deal with hard-to-like students and giving them a second chance. In my personal teaching experience at the elementary level, a hard-to-like student usually has a hard-to-like parent or parents standing behind them. Children will act a certain way based on many factors (home environment, educational capabilities, etc.). As a teacher, we expect to meet students that are a challenge.

The relationship between the parents and the teacher can change if both sides do not respect each other’s role in the child’s education. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen often. If I had a student that was hard-to-like (which were very few), it evolved once the parents demonstrated they did not respect my professional opinion, and it was evident that they made their displeasure known to my student. 

I appreciate this article because it recognizes that teachers are humans who on a daily basis deal with younger human beings. Many factors affect a child’s educational experience. A child’s personality is what they have for a lifetime. Trying to understand and provide a balance between the two is the challenge that educators face from kindergarten to twelfth grade.

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