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Education Quote: The Best Teachers Are Those Who Show…

The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see. Alexandra K. Trenfor


Education Quote to Start the School Year

When I saw this education quote, I had to share. It eloquently stated how I always viewed my job as a teacher. I was my students‘ guide as they made their journey through the learning process. My one goal during the school day was to help my students see the value of learning and to recognize their true ability as learners.

During the last few years, many people have criticized teachers for not doing their jobs. Administrators, education policymakers, politicians, and parents have blamed teachers for everything wrong in public education. They have even gone so far as to treat us like glorified babysitters

My babysitting career ended when I was in high school. My colleagues and I are educated individuals. We make decisions in our classroom based on our teaching experience. We use the educational theories we learned during our time as undergraduate and graduate students to support our curricular decisions. We guide our students to take risks, to explore, and to reflect. 

This quote is what teaching is all about. When you take away the rhetoric from politicians, what you have left is the human relationship between teachers and their students. We are more than babysitters. We are the guides that help students realize their true potential.