PSA: Blackface Is NEVER Acceptable

Enough of racism and enough of blackface

As a 25-year Black educator in an affluent district, I feel the need to share this Public Service Announcement (PSA) about wearing Blackface as part of a costume. I have to do it for the Black students and Black teachers who may be in the minority at their school. (I’m one of 4 at 7 elementary schools.) All it takes is one White teacher to show up in Blackface to change the tone of the day. For example…

Every year in the weeks leading up to Halloween, we have the same discussion about wearing Blackface as part of a costume. Yet, there’s always a few who choose to ignore it.

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Halloween Goodies! Chalkspot Teacher Store

Ugly Pumpkin,

One of my favorite classroom activities was Spyderley’s Oogly Pumpkin Patch! It was a great way to introduce my 2nd-grade students to persuasive writing and a fun activity for Halloween. Chalkspot Teacher Store also has Halloween Bookmarks and Fall/Holiday Writing paper. Stop by my store today! 

Chalkspot Teacher Store: September is Here!

Power Point sign with warm yellow back ground, clip art children saying "Welcome Back to School!"

Here are a few items to help you start your school year off right! All teachers want to make a very good impression with students and parents in September. (I know some of my colleagues have been working since August.) We have PowerPoint Presentations and desk tags to suit your needs. 

Back To School: Close to that Time!

Author TLanette Pollard as a Power Puff Girl

One more day…That’s all I have before school starts. One More Day! That’s right, tomorrow is “Back to School” for me. It will be my 26th “First Day of School.” I’m not ready! But, here it is, another new school year. Another new set of smiling students and parents. Another reminder of why I chose this career. As usual, the day will go well.  So, what’s the difference? Well… I’m realizing that I’m experiencing the last few “First Days of School” in my career. I’m not sad, just putting it all into perspective. I’ve been planning for this moment for a while. That’s why I’ve been training in computer coding. When I retire early from teaching in the next few years, it won’t be an ending. It will be the start of another career adventure. So, to all my teacher colleagues I wish you a Happy Back to School! Keep learning. 

BitMoji Black Woman with Dreadlocks waving while standing behind a blackboard that says Back to School.