Freestanding Newspaper Doorways: Awesome Team Building Activity!

Newspapers are wonderful resources for the classroom.  I have used them with my students to analyze the articles during current events and reading instruction. I have even used newspapers for papier-mâché when we made our rainforest animals. One of my most memorable activities involved using newspapers to make … Read More

Topmarks Education: Free Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Looking for free games and activities for your Promethean or SmartBoard? Stop by Topmarks Education. The site offers resources for teachers and parents. It is based in the United Kingdom, so grade level designations are different from the United States (Key Stages instead of … Read More

Pandas for Earth Day

Some of my best ideas for fun activities have developed quickly and usually when I am not at school.  Many of these ideas have happened in the grocery store, at Walmart, or even when I am out with friends. This idea was born after … Read More

Point of View Writing Using The Talking Eggs

Two of my favorite topics to teach during traditional reading instruction and Readers Workshop were character traits and character point of view. In fact, long before our district adopted Readers Workshop as one of our Balanced Literacy instructional techniques, I would spend extra time on both topics with stories from … Read More

Persuasive Writing with The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs

Long before “mentor text” was the latest education buzz word, there were teachers, including me, who used picture books as a way to spark our students imaginations when they were writing. I have always used picture books because I love to read, and I … Read More

Figurative Language Unit: Colorful Words for Magical Writing

It has taken awhile, but I have finally gotten back to my Figurative Language Power Point Unit. I started this unit when I was a fourth grade teacher. I wanted to give my students a “taste” of different figurative language terms and demonstrate how they … Read More

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