In Need of a Little Inspiration During PARCC….

I hope my students remember me as their teacher and as their guide. However, after experiencing PARCC in March and this week, I feel as if the role of test proctor will also be included on their list of memories. Trista Lanette Pollard, NBCT Photo … Read More

Classroom Throwback: Hands-on Linking Verbs and Helping Verbs

Teaching grammar to young students can be a daunting task. As much as I love English literature and grammar, I realize that it is hard to make grammar lessons fun and interesting for young children. When I was teaching fourth grade, I was teaching … Read More

The Human Side of Teaching: Hard-To-Like Students

A great article on how to deal with hard-to-like students and giving them a second chance. In my personal teaching experience at the elementary level, a hard-to-like student usually has a hard-to-like parent or parents standing behind them. Children will act a certain way based … Read More

Computer Word Sorts: Using PDF Forms in your Literacy Center

Technology has always been an important part of my classroom. As curriculum requirements increased, it became difficult to find time for my students to use the computer. I wanted to engage them in activities that went beyond playing educational games and doing research on the … Read More

Freestanding Newspaper Doorways: Awesome Team Building Activity!

Newspapers are wonderful resources for the classroom.  I have used them with my students to analyze the articles during current events and reading instruction. I have even used newspapers for papier-mâché when we made our rainforest animals. One of my most memorable activities involved using newspapers to make … Read More

Topmarks Education: Free Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Looking for free games and activities for your Promethean or SmartBoard? Stop by Topmarks Education. The site offers resources for teachers and parents. It is based in the United Kingdom, so grade level designations are different from the United States (Key Stages instead of … Read More

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