Cute Writing Hook

Hook for writing tomorrow! Some very angry fruit sick of being wrapped in unnecessary plastic! #changeit #litfilmfest — Miss G (@MissG_017) March 19, 2018 This is an awesome writing idea! It’s so simple and effective. (I would’ve never thought of drawing a face … Read More

Biography Award Certificates, Part 2: Black History/Women’s History Months

In my previous blog post, I talked about combining technology with biography award certificates. The new Core Content State Standards (CCSS) emphasize reading and writing informational (nonfiction) texts. As veteran teachers, we were exposing our students to nonfiction texts and writing for many years. The standards just … Read More

Favorite Winter Project: Biography Award Certificates, Part 1

When I taught third through fifth grade, I enjoyed integrating technology into our classroom projects and assignments. I had more time to teach the curriculum and to include special projects. Both of my schools had, at least, five computers in each classroom. My current … Read More

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