Teacher Share: Free Reading Graphic Organizers

I’ve always preferred using graphic organizers for reading instead of Post-Its®. (I know, I’m committing a Readers Workshop sin by admitting this out loud.)  I just don’t enjoy using those little slips of paper for reading responses. 

Moving Beyond Traditional Summer Packets, Part 2

I personally believe that traditional summer packets are important to help students practice basic skills. However, I do believe that we need to add more options for students to explore other areas of the curriculum, so they can improve their critical thinking skills.

Moving Beyond Traditional Summer Packets, Part 1

…Just in the few years since I sent home that summer packet, the Common Core Curriculum has arrived and the push towards using technology has become greater. I started to wonder if there was a still a place for summer packets…

Nelson and Tameka: New Books by Ronnie Sidney, II

Hello, teacher colleagues. I saw this post on Facebook and thought I should share it with you. Nelson and Tameka are the creation of Ronnie Sidney, II MSW. Sidney used his experience as a student in special education to create inspiring characters. You should definitely … Read More

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