Biography Award Certificates, Part 2: Black History/Women’s History Months

In my previous blog post, I talked about combining technology with biography award certificates. The new Core Content State Standards (CCSS) emphasize reading and writing informational (nonfiction) texts. As veteran teachers, we were exposing our students to nonfiction texts and writing for many years. The standards just confirm what we have always known: children need to be exposed to all forms of writing as readers and writers. 

One of my favorite projects was the United States Presidents Recognition Awards. Another project that I enjoyed was my African American History and Women’s History Awards.

My biography certificates for African American (Black) History and Women’s History months are a great opportunity to combine social studies, history, language, and technology. I had my students research the accomplishments of famous African Americans and American women during February and March.

They used their information to create an award certificate, which highlighted the person’s achievements and their impact on American society, culture, and history.

The package includes twelve award templates that can be opened in Microsoft 97/2003 and Word 2010. There is also a 13-page teacher companion with student handouts and rubrics.

Although I did this activity during February and March, it could easily be adapted to use throughout the school year. These award certificates allow you to integrate language arts, social studies, and technology into one activity. My students loved creating their certificates. 

First Published January 15, 2015