Favorite Winter Project: Biography Award Certificates, Part 1

When I taught third through fifth grade, I enjoyed integrating technology into our classroom projects and assignments. I had more time to teach the curriculum and to include special projects. Both of my schools had, at least, five computers in each classroom. My current school had a laptop cart with 30 computers to share in the grade level. There were two biography projects that I loved using in my classroom. Both projects combined technology (Microsoft Word Templates) and research.

One project I used in February was a biography award to commemorate President’s Day.

My United States Presidents Recognition Awards includes six award templates, a 12-page teacher companion, and 8 pages of student handouts and rubrics.

I wanted my students to learn about the presidents and to focus on their accomplishments. This was a very good activity to reinforce how to “cut and paste,” “drag,” and “click and highlight” using a Word template. I also taught proper research techniques and how to cite information sources.

The templates can be opened in Microsoft 97/2003 and later versions. I had a folder with pictures of the presidents ahead of time. One of my favorite public domain websites I used was WPClipart.com. Their pictures were very clear and close to the size I needed. You can find my President’s Recognition Award Certificates here at my website store, on Teachers Pay Teachers, and on Teachers Notebook.

My students enjoyed working on this project. It was a great way to integrate writing, history, political science, and technology into one lesson.

In my next blog post, I will talk about my Biography Certificates for Black History and Women’s History months!

First Published December 26, 2014.